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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Me Treasure Trove

Here are some of my favorite pictures, regarding fashion, that I collected off the internet. This happens when I spend my time on Google rather than doing schoolwork.

Here a runway model appears to have been 'sawed in half.' But if you look closer, you can see a skirt in between.

This picture was all about brides being 'attuned to nature.' I thought this was really fun.

This is Reece Witherspoon in a gorgeous watercolor print gown. When I saw this I loved it immediately because of its subtle color blending and flowy presence.

This one I love more for the movement than anything. I've actually attempted drawing this, but there's no need to show that here. Anyway, I'm absolutely captured by still pictures that embody a complete aura of motion.

I'm a big fan of ballet costumes. Actually, I'm a big fan of ballet period. But combine the two and you have a pregnant plethora of elegant emotion (see what I did there?).

I'm an avid fan of otherworldly arts, including oriental, middle eastern, african and indian. The list goes on. Anyway, one of my constant habits around middle school was drawing on myself, whether with sharpies or pens or whatnot. I mostly did it out of boredom, as is the seedling for many great works of art, and it mostly resulted in black filigree down my arm, rainbow-checkered shins, and things like roses and eyes at random. Nowadays I don't do that so much, but I've grown to respect the people who do what I did, just with much more grace and presentation skills.

I would wear this dress in a heartbeat. The necklace, too. I'm a big fan of simple ideas with meticulous detail, as is shown in this dress with it's simple color scheme and intricate design.

Also, empire waists are most flattering on me.

While my wedding is something I don't forsee within the next decade, being a girl I still fantasize about my dream dress. This is about as close as you get to what I have in mind for myself. Being on the shorter side, I imagine something simple, close-fitting and figure-flattering, without being to skimpy or pageant-girl. This is the exact silhouette I want: strapless, fitted around the hips, and a slight elegant flare with a train, but not some tacky mermaid with toulle spurting out from my clenched knees like a furious faucet. The ruffle around the bottom I think would add a little height, and the only thing I would add is maybe a little empire waist band. Otherwise, this fits in perfectly with my simple-but-detailed preference.

And so, like a runway show, I have ended with a wedding dress. This is just a taste of things that represent my personal style and perspective. Later on we'll see more of my whacky, spazzy, and a little bit tacky side.

Until next time.

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