Artistic Adventures

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Soroptimist Show- Hellen Keller

Last week I entered a design in my very first fashion show. The theme was 'Women in History,' and I chose Hellen Keller. As you can see, I took a very symbolic approach. Literally, she would probably be wearing simple cotton dresses, maybe with some water splashed on her. Anyway, the headphones and aviators represent her deafness and blindness, and the red gloves and lipstick symbolize her ability to feel and speak. The dress itself combines darkness with subtle beauty, as I believe her extreme differences and how it affected her perspectives made her a beautiful person in history.

When we got there of course, it turned out to be a country club event and everyone was basically in costumes. There was no runway, our models just walked around the tables. Then we left and they continued with their...well basically, costume party. One lady was Joan of Arc and she wore a white robe with flames colored on the bottom and a stake strapped to her back. One lady asked who mine was, and when told she pointed out "I don't think Hellen Keller would have dressed like that." So no one really understood my design, but at least I was true to myself and that's what matters.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Russian T-shirt

Made this for a class. We had to take a t-shirt and style it to resemble a certain culture, so I chose Russian. I used red fabric dye and some trims from Hobby Lobby, and hand-sewed everything together.